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Andrea Cagnetti, also known in the artistic world as Akelo (Corchiano – Viterbo, 16 March 1967) is an Italian goldsmith, designer, and sculptor. He is known for dedicating himself to the research of the ancient techniques used in metalworking.


After having obtained a diploma at the Ronciglione State secondary school with a concentration in scientific studies, Akelo transferred to Rome, where for several years he worked as a graphic artist while continuing to pursue his in-depth studies of texts and documents relating to ancient goldsmithing, metallurgy, and alchemy.

Combining this theoretical understanding with extensive experimentation on materials and techniques, the artist now entirely devotes himself to creating gold objects and to making sculptural objects out of gold, bronze, and iron, using the artistic name of Akelo (from Achelous, Greek god of the waters).

In 2010 the artist created the bronze sculpture "Hope" for the Robert Bresson Prize given every years at the Venice Film Festival.

The works of Andrea Cagnetti have been exhibited in many national and international exhibitions, and have caused a sensation in the media throughout the world. In fact, numerous publications, reviews and television appearances have been dedicated to him, which highlight not only his talent and his stylistic originality, but also the value of his research.

In the last few years, some of his pieces have been acquired by important museums and private collections.

Andrea Cagnetti lives in Corchiano, where he also writes scientific articles on the techniques used in ancient goldsmith.


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CHORT (2002) Pendant - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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SEGIN (2009) Pyx - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 

STRANGE MECHANISM #3 (2010) Sculpture - Museum of Art and Archaeology, University of Missouri


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